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The industry’s only all-in-one Mortgage Brokerage Platform

“They did it faster, better, smarter than I ever could do. And BrokerHQ offers us the support, the training, the tools, a business manager, a sales manager, a mortgage broker, legal support and more. I look like a rockstar, but really I have an army, a powerhouse behind me, who is delivering a platform that no other mortgage brokerage could possibly even try to put together…”

Dave GillsFounder, Westinghouse Mortgage

Don’t just launch a mortgage brokerage – let’s build you a lasting BRAND that could be INHERITED, or SOLD to industry giants in the future.

We’re a mortgage brokerage platform that empowers you to own your own company.

While you take the lead, we work diligently behind the scenes to provide unwavering support.

At Broker Headquarters, we partner with the industry’s finest. We empower both future and existing loan officers with aspirations to become mortgage brokers, current independent mortgage brokers, and their teams. Together, we create and expand their own companies while eliminating the typical time, cost, and risk usually associated with running a brokerage.

Empowering mortgage professionals to thrive.

We will ensure that all transactions are compliant and that the mortgage brokers are in good standing at all times. In addition, we provide mortgage brokers with full ownership of their businesses, plus the time-saving technology and premier support services they need to run them efficiently and effectively. This frees them up to focus on what matters most: serving their clients and their communities, no matter where they are.

Our experts take care of everything, from business name selection to licensing, compliance, and beyond, ensuring your success in the wholesale mortgage industry.

Why Boutique Mortgage Brokerage?

Unlocking the Power of Boutique Mortgage Brokerages
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Mortgage Brokerage Potential:

From Loan Officer to Boutique Broker
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Loan Officers

Business Ownership without Burden

Are you ready to start a mortgage brokerage brand, form a team
and set new production records?

Mortgage Brokers

Own the Business You Already Run

Are you ready to offload liability and back-office management
while keeping ownership of your business?

Brokers with Teams

Unlocking a Distinctive Brand for Your Mortgage Broker Business

Are you ready for us to help you develop a unique brand that stands out from your
competition and becomes a business asset you can pass down or sell one day?

Distinctive Brands, Extensive Advantages.


You don’t work for BrokerHQ. We work for you.

  • BrokerHQ develops and fully-implements your business plan, taking the heavy lifting off
    your shoulders so that you can spend 100% of your time on what you do best.
  • We’ll help you in launching or relaunching a company that you own, without the need to manage the typical daily mortgage brokerage aspect.


Achieve levels of success you thought were impossible.

  • With a customized business plan, vetted tools, and our dedicated recruiting team.


You can focus on your existing clients, and acquiring new ones.

  • BrokerHQ streamlines the rest with a proprietary platform and app that automates transaction management and premier support services.


We exclusively collaborate with committed loan officers and mortgage brokers.

  • Discover the secrets to business growth from industry leaders. Elevate your skills with access to virtual masterclasses and membership in our exclusive mastermind groups.


Manage transactions with ease,

  • With our user-friendly tools and comprehensive platform, you can seamlessly monitor every aspect of your business operations, giving you valuable insights and control that empowers your success.
  • No matter where you are, enjoy a clear view of your company’s performance.

Endless Options. Boundless Flexibility.
Ultimate Independence.

BrokerHQ innovates on your behalf, combining your expertise and talent with the technology and advertising sophistication of the leading mortgage tech companies, making it possible for you to compete with them for clients online, at the first point of contact.








All-In-One Services with BrokerHQ – No Outside Hiring Necessary!

All you need to stay on top of:
■ Prospecting and Sales ■
■ Client Services ■

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Loan Officer & Mortgage Broker STATS as of 2023

Current Loan Officers

There are 239,324 active loan officers in the United States.

1 in 5 aspire to become mortgage brokers:

Over 40,000 loan officers, who are aspiring Mortgage Brokers will not realize their ambitions due to the intricacies of compliance, branding and marketing, licensing, technology, and a scarcity of collaborative knowledge exchange.

Current Mortgage Brokers

There are 25,510 active mortgage brokers in the United States.

1 in 3 mortgage brokers restrict their current income potential:

Over 8,500 current mortgage brokers are hesitant to expand their current operations due to concerns about managing increased compliance requirements, refining their skills in branding and marketing, obtaining additional licenses, adapting to new technology and more.

Discover key insights on U.S. loan officers and mortgage brokers, drawing from extensive data sources. Our research highlights earnings, gender disparities, and career aspirations.

Full Article:

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Your success story begins with BrokerHQ.

Credit: Information sourced from, and U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS

Why Partner with BrokerHQ?

When you partner with BrokerHQ, you’re choosing independence as a mortgage professional.

This decision opens doors to flexible schedules, unlimited earning potential, and the ability to elevate the borrower experience. It’s no surprise that opportunities for independent mortgage broker owners are on the rise.

Broker Headquarters is your go-to resource, offering support and guidance for those who aspire to thrive in this dynamic and growing industry.


Drawing from diverse backgrounds
Our team consists of seasoned professionals who have worn multiple hats in the industry.

“We’ve personally encountered the very challenges we aim to address.”

S. P.

Founder and CEO

Strategic Leadership

A. D.

VP of Finance

Financial Stewardship

G. E.

Head of Corporate Marketing

Marketing Excellence

R. C.

Chief Lending Officer

Overseeing Brokerages

J .J.

VP of Partnerships

Partnership Development

R. S.

Head of Customer Marketing

Customer Engagement

M. B.

Chief Broker Officer

Broker Management

H. S.

VP of Engineering

Engineering Innovation

A. G.

Head of Broker Operations

Operational Efficiency

E. G.

Chief Revenue/Legal Officer

Legal Compliance

O. A.

Head of Broker Success

Success Management

R. H.

Head of People Operations

HR Management

Message from the CEO –

BrokerHQ stands out as a unique mortgage brokerage.

We’re not a brand; we’re a dynamic platform. Our approach is white-label and discrete, ensuring consumers, the clients aka borrowers never directly engage with BrokerHQ. We prioritize setting our mortgage brokers and their individual brands apart, enabling them to serve and attract clients with excellence and efficiency.

Unlock the Power of Partnership with BrokerHQ.
Our experts take care of everything, from business name selection to licensing, compliance, and beyond, ensuring your success in the wholesale mortgage industry.

Apply to Partner with BrokerHQ

“Partnering with Broker HQ transformed my career. The journey from loan officer to mortgage broker and business owner was seamless, thanks to the support, all-in-one platform, and guidance. Broker Headquarters was the key to unlocking MY SUCCESS in the mortgage industry.”

– Sal, CEO of

Are you passionate about the mortgage industry but not quite ready to have your own brokerage?

Meet MortgageHQ, the answer to maximizing your earnings without the need to own a company. As a subsidiary of BrokerHQ,
MortgageHQ also offers a seamless transition for loan officers aspiring to become mortgage brokers.

As a part of the Mortgage Headquarters team, you gain access to the many perks and benefits of a Mortgage Broker with BrokerHQ. We strive to become the top mortgage broker in the nation, offering access to superior loan products, meticulous compliance, marketing, data, and the tools loan originators need to grow their businesses and better the lives of their clients.

Start your journey to financial growth and professional development at the Headquarters of Mortgage.

Unlock your potential with MortgageHQ today!

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We are a Family of ALL-IN-ONE White Label Brokerage Platforms
On top of the industry’s only all-in-one Mortgage Brokerage Platform, we plan on offering the following divisions:

New White-Label Platforms Powered by BrokerHQ on the Way!

Mortgage Brokerage

Looking for a One-Stop Solution to Launch Your Mortgage Brokerage?

MortgageHQ offers a turn-key solution for aspiring mortgage brokers, providing a comprehensive platform and expert support to launch your mortgage brokerage hassle-free.

With the guidance at MortgageHQ, you can confidently step into the world of mortgage brokerage and offer valuable services to clients.

White label platform available.


Real Estate Brokerage

Looking for a Turn-Key Solution to Start Your Real Estate Brokerage?

RealtyHQ is your go-to partner for initiating your real estate brokerage journey. We understand the complexities of the real estate market and provide the guidance, branding, and technology you need to establish a thriving brokerage.

Start offering real estate services confidently with RealtyHQ.

White label platform available.

Solar Brokerage

Want to Enter the Solar Brokerage Industry Stress-Free?

SolarHQ paves the way for your entry into the solar brokerage industry. As renewable energy gains momentum, our platform offers you the opportunity to tap into this growing market.

Launch your solar brokerage effortlessly with SolarHQ and make a positive impact on the environment.

White label platform available.

Insurance Brokerage

Ready to Start Your Insurance Brokerage? We’ve Got You Covered!

InsuranceHQ simplifies the process of starting your insurance brokerage, offering a range of support services and resources.

Whether you’re new to the insurance industry or looking to expand your offerings, our platform equips you with the tools to provide essential coverage and advice to your clients.

Get started as an insurance brokerage with InsuranceHQ.

White label platform available.

Commercial Brokerage

Seeking a Seamless Way to Launch Your Commercial Brokerage?

CommercialHQ streamlines the process of establishing your commercial brokerage. Our platform and support services are designed to assist you in offering a wide range of commercial real estate services to clients.

Get started in the world of commercial brokerage with CommercialHQ.

White label platform available..

Title and Closing Solution

Ready to Streamline Your Own Title and Closing Process?

TitleHQ introduces a revolutionary solution for mortgage professionals, making title and closing processes seamless. With our platform, you can expedite transactions, enhance client experiences, and stay compliant effortlessly.

Elevate your brokerage with TitleHQ and simplify title and closing procedures. BrokerHQ partners benefit from offering a superior customer experience, while activating an added revenue stream.

White label platform available..